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What we do

Midway Power Line Services Ltd. provides the equipment, expertise and crews for all facets of power line installation and repair.

  • High- and low-voltage power lines;
  • Distribution and transmission power lines;
  • Overhead, underground and marine cable;
  • Remote access (helicopter and boat);
  • Power pole upgrading and replacement;
  • Utility poles and related hardware sales.

Midway crews are highly skilled in operation of all on-ground equipment as well as specialty installations such as helicopter pole setting. They are versatile and resourceful, equally proficient and comfortable working in an isolated area with minimal equipment and tools, or on a congested, high-traffic development site with the latest technologies available to the trade.

Distribution & Transmission

Midway Power offers services in the distribution and transmission fields to both industrial and residential clients throughout the Sunshine Coast. With over 25+ years of experience, Midway has the ability to build new reliable power lines in an efficient and safe manner.

Whether it’s repairing an existing line, building a new line, or just regular maintenance we can get the job done!

Underground & Marine Cable

Underground power is a great alternative to overhead lines. We can assist you right from the planning phase and follow the project straight through to the completion phase. If you want more information on this please send us a email and we would be happy to help!

Due to our coastal location, Midway has a vast knowledge in the installation of marine cables. We have completed several projects for BC Hydro as well as the completion of numerous private projects in the Egmont area of the Sunshine Coast.  Head to our project section to view our latest cable crossing project in Egmont that we completed for BC Hydro.

Utility Pole Sales

Midway Power offers utility pole sales as well as all associated hardware. For pricing of poles and delivery, give us a call or send us a message.

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